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        Safi Airways, Afghanistan’s leading
        international airline, today announced the appointment of a new senior
        management team. Led by Executive Director Hamid Safi the new appointments
        include Michael McTighe from the UK as Chief Operating Officer (COO), John Roijen
        from the Netherlands as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Jordanian Mohammad Al-
        Hayek as Deputy Chief Operating Officer.
        “This team has a wealth of aviation experience and a proven track record of success
        throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East,” said Ghulam Hazrat Safi, the
        airline’s founder and chairman. “I have every confidence they will continue to build
        on Safi’s reputation for uncompromising safety and professionalism while rolling out
        our expansion plans.”
        Hamid Safi, the son of the owner and founder of Safi Airways, completed his higher
        education in the UK and is fluent in Farsi, Urdu, Arabic and English.
        Michael McTighe is an experienced airline professional with a specialization of
        setting up new airlines and undertaking strategic reviews for airlines in order to
        return them to profitability. His work has spanned the UK, Iceland, Germany,
        Slovakia, Nigeria, and now the UAE and Afghanistan. Successful assignments include
        Ryanair, Britannia Airways GmbH, Air Atlanta Europe, and Arik Air Nigeria.
        John Roijen is a renowned industry professional with a distinguished track record in
        airlines and manufacturing. He has been a senior financial executive for the last 15
        years in various airline related industries including CFO at Virgin Nigeria and Arik Air.
        Roijen, who rejoined Safi as CFO last August, is a seasoned professional, qualified
        chartered accountant and holds an MBA from Henley College in the UK.
        COO Michael McTighe said: “The EU’s ban on Afghanistani airlines flying to Europe
        has required that we effectively need to relaunch the airline. We face a couple of
        months of turbulence before we emerge into clear air but we are very confident that
        our new strategic plan will soon bear fruit. Safi Airways has a great future ahead!”

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