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Plane passengers ‘quarantined’ amid fears of contagious disease spread


PASSENGERS on an inbound flight to Liverpool John Lennon Airport were kept on the plane over concerns about an infectious disease.A plane full of passengers were held at Liverpool John Lennon Airport for over an hour yesterday after concerns a fellow passenger had an “infectious disease”. 
The flight was coming in from Barcelona, and landed in Liverpool at 5:30pm on Monday 20 November.
However, the passengers were said to have been kept on the plane until 7:00pm. 
Worry spread among the flyers as they wondered what the alleged illness was.A man, who remained anonymous, told Liverpool newspaper ECHO he had been held on the plane with his wife and his daughter.
“They told me no one is being allowed off the plane, because there’s apparently someone with an infectious disease.
“It makes you very worried – my wife has cancer and my daughter is pregnant. 
“They are worried sick being stuck there for an hour," he added to his account. 

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