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MightyFly’s 2024 Cento: A Leap Forward in Autonomous eVTOL Cargo Aircraft


MightyFly Unveils 2024 Cento: Autonomous Hybrid eVTOL for Same-Day Cargo Delivery

California-based startup MightyFly has unveiled its latest autonomous hybrid eVTOL cargo aircraft, the 2024 Cento. The pilotless aircraft, designed for same-day deliveries, boasts a 100-pound payload capacity and a range of 600 miles. Notably, the autonomy of the Cento extends beyond flight operations to include cargo loading and unloading. It features an autonomous load balancing system that optimizes the positioning of different items in the internal cargo bay without human intervention. MightyFly plans to conduct qualification test flights shortly, with demonstrations scheduled for fall 2024 in Michigan for potential customers and partners. The company is also participating in the US Air Force AFWERX program to explore military applications of novel air transportation.

Key Points:

  • MightyFly unveils the 2024 Cento, an autonomous hybrid eVTOL cargo aircraft.
  • The aircraft has a 100-pound payload capacity and a range of 600 miles.
  • Autonomy extends to cargo loading, unloading, and an autonomous load balancing system.
  • The 2024 Cento is the third iteration of the concept, with a prototype completed in January 2024.
  • MightyFly plans qualification test flights and demonstrations in Michigan in fall 2024.
  • The company participates in the US Air Force AFWERX program for military air transportation.

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