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Helsinki Airport offers passengers new experiences


Helsinki Airport prepares for growth in transit passenger traffic between Asia and Europe. Asian traffic diversifies Helsinki Airport provision of direct European routes and increases the number of flights to the most popular destinations.


"Helsinki Airport is dynamic, efficient and welcoming. It is a hospitable European airport," says Finavia Marketing Director Kimmo Ruotsalainen.




The Helsinki Airport offers passengers new experiences: Via Lounge and Via Spa opened their doors in last December. The terminal is focused on experiential services and travel efficiency.




Luxorious Via Spa offers the crowning touch to long-haul flight services. The spa offers unique wellness and comfort services for transfer passengers travelling between Europe and Asia. The spa will offer a spruce sauna and stone sauna from the Alps, a steam sauna and traditional Finnish sauna, which will provide a view to the aircraft taxiways.




There are specially designed services for passengers making connecting flights. These include short treatments, which last from 10 minutes to a half an hour.




At Helsinki Airport the baggage handling system is over 10 kilometres long and has a peak capacity of 7,000 items of baggage per hour. The Airport has eight jetways intended for wide-bodied aircraft. The new jetways will be able to accommodate Airbus A330-A340 and A350 aircraft.




Helsinki Airport is compact, everything you need is available and the atmosphere is relaxed.

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