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Volcanic ash forcing Copenhagen Airport to close


Volcanic ash from Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökuld is spreading into Danish airspace and, for safety reasons, Copenhagen Airport will therefore be closed to all inbound and outbound traffic from late afternoon today. At the moment, we cannot say how long the airport will be closed.


Ash from the erupting Eyjafjallajökuld volcano in Iceland will affect Danish air traffic. In the course of the afternoon, the Naviair air traffic management service will successively close Danish airspace, beginning in the western part of the country. Late in the afternoon, the ash cloud will have spread to the eastern parts of Denmark, and Copenhagen Airport will therefore have to close down for all air traffic to and from Copenhagen.




“Volcanic ash consists of fine particles which can clog the air intake and engines of aircraft, so we have to suspend all traffic for safety reasons in the course of the afternoon. We expect to close down completely around 5.00 p.m., and unfortunately we are right now unable to say when we will be able to resume operations,” said Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP for Communications at Copenhagen Airport

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