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SWISS extends agreement with Traxon Europe


The cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., Swiss WorldCargo, has recently extended its agreement with Traxon Europe, which was first signed in 2002. In addition, the scope of the agreement was expanded in an ongoing effort to simplify operations and reduce costs. Swiss WorldCargo will now exclusively use Traxon Europe as CCS (cargo community system) for host-to-host (EDI) messaging.


Frankfurt/Main, April 2010. Traxon Europe, the international provider of electronic communication solutions for the airfreight industry, will become Swiss WorldCargo’s exclusive provider of EDI messaging services as of May 01, 2010. The contract gives Swiss WorldCargo access to the Traxon Europe network world-wide and covers e-Booking, air waybill data transfer, status information and consolidation list (FHL) transmission for customs. The aim is a stable interchange of messages between logistics partners and the air cargo carrier. Buying the services from one source will help Swiss WorldCargo to further standardize processes and make them thus more cost efficient. In addition, e-services that simplify an airfreight forwarder’s working day and easy-to-access, cost effective EDI messaging are prerequisites for advancing the cause of e-freight (paperless airfreight) as well as Cargo 2000, two important initiatives of the global airfreight industry.




“We are very pleased to continue working with Traxon Europe. The e-communication services provider was selected as the best choice due to the high efficiency of its solution”, explains Oliver Evans, Chief Cargo Officer of SWISS. “The EDI messaging services are an integral part of our product offering. Everyone profits from faster and more streamlined processes. By this we continue with our efforts to reduce paperwork which is also good for the environment.”




“The new agreement with Swiss WorldCargo considerably strengthens our position in the European market and underlines our high quality standards, innovation capabilities and flexibility,” says a proud Felix Keck, Managing Director of Traxon Europe.

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