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OnAir Onboard First Round-The-World Solar Airplane


OnAir today announced formal agreement with Solar Impulse for OnAir to supply satellite broadband connectivity for the ground-breaking project which completed a 26-hour non-stop flight in July this year and is working up to become the first solar powered aircraft to circle the earth.
        OnAir will supply the Solar Impulse HB-SIA aircraft with SwiftBroadband satellite technology and a specially designed ground infrastructure to assure global air-to-ground communications for the aircraft whenever and wherever it flies.
         "We are delighted to partner with the Solar Impulse team and take our place at the very forefront of satellite technologies and inflight connectivity," said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. "OnAir delivers the only satellite technology that will provide the global cover so necessary for the Solar Impulse project."
         As part of the agreement, OnAir becomes Specialized Partner for SwiftBroadband Satellite Connectivity.
        In coming months, OnAir will work with Swisscom to set up the ground infrastructure, activate SwiftBroadband connectivity, conduct a thorough test programme and fit the Solar Impulse with Satcom equipment ready to begin a new series of tests flights.

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