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Jan Ernst de Groot will leave KLM


        On 1 April 2011 Jan Ernst de Groot will step down as Managing Director KLM. “I have decided not to put myself up for reappointment following the current term, which concludes on 1 July,” De Groot said. “For this reason, I will step down following the completion of the current fiscal year.”
        De Groot has been a member of the Board of Managing Directors since 2007. “It’s time for a change”, he said. “I have had the privilege of working for this wonderful company, and this turbulent industry, for close to twenty years. With another twenty years to go in my career this seems like a logical moment to change course. I plan to use the knowledge and experience I’ve amassed to the necessary transition to a sustainable economy and a society based on renewable energy.”
        Jan Ernst de Groot will leave KLM on 1 July.

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