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In shooting chaos, Las Vegas airport became a safe haven


 As bullets began flying into a crowd of country music fans, a pack of 300-plus people ran about a mile to the Las Vegas airport, where they kicked down chain-link fences, hobbled over razor wire and were briefly mistaken by security officials for being attackers instead of shooting victims.


Once they pushed past the fence at McCarran International Airport, some of them ran onto the tarmac as helicopters beamed searchlights toward people they assumed were intruders.


Airport authorities found people who were shot, bloodied and hysterical. Officials immediately halted air traffic, diverted two dozen flights to Phoenix and other cities and shut off some runway lights.
Castro Valley vigil to honor Las Vegas heroes and victims
More than 100 people gathered in Castro Valley to honor and remember the victims and heroes of the Las Vegas shooting.
"I’m thinking to myself, I don’t know if the airport police know what’s going on yet," said Mark Gay, who was near the front of the crowd as it ran to the airport. "We were running, running out of the dark. If the cops were on that side, they don’t know who we are. So it was: ‘Put your arms out when you’re coming in.’"

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