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Continental Unveils Boeing 787 Dreamliner at NBTA


Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) is offering a sneak preview of its  Boeing 787 aircraft interior today at the 2010 National Business Travel  Association (NBTA) International Convention & Expo, giving customers  a glimpse of what’s ahead for air travel in the future. The 787  Dreamliner is making headlines for its revolutionary cabin environment  and advanced aerodynamic design, allowing it to fly farther, faster and  more efficiently. Continental will be the first U.S. carrier to take  delivery of the new 787 Dreamliner beginning next year.


"Continental is excited to unveil the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to some of  our best customers," said Dave Hilfman, Continental’s senior vice  president of worldwide sales. "The Dreamliner’s unrivaled customer  experience and superior economic performance will change the future of  travel."   Customer Comforts  The 787 Dreamliner’s revolutionary cabin environment will help  Continental customers feel better during and after a long flight:    Lower cabin altitude: Lowering the cabin altitude to 6,000 feet reduces  the adverse physical effects of pressurization on customers.   Increased luggage storage: The overhead storage bins are the largest in  the industry, allowing space for every passenger to fit a standard-size  carry-on bag in the bin above.   More space and freedom: Architectural design elements such as sweeping  arches and more natural light create a feeling of spaciousness.   Larger windows: The 787 windows are the largest on any of today’s  airplanes, giving passengers a view to the horizon from any seat on the  plane. Rather than pull-down window shades, electrochromatic shades give  passengers the ability to dim the window and still enjoy the passing  terrain.   Simulated cabin sky: The cabin ceiling is illuminated by ambient LEDs  that create a sense of the sky overhead. The flight crew, able to  control the brightness and color of the cabin sky, can give passengers a  sense of daylight when desired or help passengers rest by simulating a  night sky.   Cleaner, less dry cabin air: Innovative air purification systems  maintain cleaner cabin air, and the air system allows for higher cabin  humidity levels to combat the effects of dryness on passenger comfort  levels.   Sound quality: The 787 improvements lower noise both inside and outside  the cabin. Less cabin noise equates to reduced passenger fatigue, while  decreased engine noise creates significantly quieter takeoffs and  landings, improving the experience for airport communities and employee  ground crews.   Superior Economic Performance  With expanded range capabilities, unmatched fuel efficiency and superior  operating economics, the 787s will allow Continental to target  additional long-haul markets or replace older, less-efficient widebody  aircraft. Constructed mainly of lightweight, carbon-fiber composite  materials, the Dreamliner is aerodynamically refined to minimize drag  and maximize speed. This, combined with the aircraft’s reduced weight,  allows the 787 to fly farther using 20 percent less fuel and emitting 20  percent less carbon dioxide than similarly sized airplanes.   Continental’s Dreamliner Order  Continental has firm orders for 25 Dreamliners with delivery scheduled  beginning third quarter 2011. The aircraft will have 228 seats,  including 36 of Continental’s new flat-bed BusinessFirst seats for the  best rest on long-distance flights.   New Long-Haul Route Opportunities  Continental was the first airline in the world to announce new route  plans for its 787 fleet. The company plans to begin nonstop Boeing 787  flights to Auckland, New Zealand, and Lagos, Nigeria, from its Houston  hub. Both routes are expected to start in Nov. 2011 and are subject to  government approval.   "The 787 is an integral part of our international growth strategy," said  Greg Hart, Continental’s vice president of network strategy. "This next  generation of aircraft positions Continental for new long-haul business  opportunities–Auckland and Lagos are two great examples of global  markets the 787 will enable us to reach."   Following display at the 2010 NBTA International Convention & Expo,  Continental will exhibit the 787 mock-up fuselage at its Houston hub in  Bush Intercontinental Airport’s Terminal E.

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