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Business: Good week – Bad week



Good week


B/E AEROSPACE  The cabin interiors specialist has enjoyed a $2.6 million  year-over-year increase in net income to $37.3 million. This figure  surpassed the company’s own expectations for the three-month period and  led it to raise its forecast for 2010. Revenues for the last quarter  rose 1.9% to $483.9 million. Chairman Amin Khoury notes that 2010  bookings have "increased more than 10% sequentially compared with the  second half of 2009".







Bad week


        MEXICANA  Facing a 1.5 billion peso ($127 million) debt load and aircraft  seizures in Canada, the airline declared itself "financially unviable"  and filed for Mexican reorganisation while seeking US Chapter 15 relief  to protect its assets there from seizure. Barring wage concessions –  Mexicana claims its pilots earn 49% more than those at US legacy  carriers and 185% more than Mexican low-cost crews – stockholders have  offered to sell it to the unions for a peso.

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