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Athens International Airport receives IATA’s “Fast Travel Gold Award”


The Athens International Airport has been recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) by receiving the Fast Travel ‘Gold Status’. This status recognizes those airports that have implemented the necessary infrastructure to support all six Fast Travel projects, thus achieving significant innovation and improvement in passenger experience: those areas include self-check-in, bags ready-to-go, document check, flight re-booking, self-boarding, and bag recovery.
During a special ceremony at the Airport, AIA’s Chief Operations Officer Mr. Alexandros Aravanis was presented with the Gold Award by Mr. Sergio Fernandez, IATA’s Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security Europe Director, marking Athens International Airport’s efforts to offer all Fast Travel self-service options to passengers.
Representing IATA, Mr. Fernandez stated: “Many congratulations to Athens Airport for achieving IATA Fast Travel Gold status. According to industry surveys, over half of all passengers want to reduce waiting times in their air travel experience, and around three quarters of passengers worldwide want more self-service options. This accomplishment crystallizes Athens Airport’s efforts to be at the forefront of the Industry by providing world-class services to its passengers. Let this be an example to other airports not just in Greece, but also in the rest of Europe”.
On behalf of AIA, Mr. Aravanis said: “In the rapidly evolving environment of air travel, receiving the “Fast Travel Gold Award” of IATA is a great honour for our airport. The Fast Travel Gold Status acknowledges our commitment to constantly improve airport experience through innovation and prompt adjustment to passengers’ requirements in close cooperation with our airline partners. Athens International Airport pledges to keep working on innovative projects that will continue to enhance travellers’ experience in the future.”
IATA’s Fast Travel Program addresses passenger demands for more choice, convenience, and control through self-service options. The programme vision is that by 2020, 80% of global passengers will be offered a complete suite of self-service options throughout their journey to provide better convenience, reduce queues and ultimately improve punctuality.

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