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American Airlines Statement Regarding Court Action Against Sabre


American filed a lawsuit in Texas state court in Tarrant Country against Sabre. The lawsuit alleges that Sabre’s recent actions taken against American, including the biasing of American’s services in all Sabre flight displays, violates agreements between American and Sabre and harms American, the travel agent community, and the traveling public.
        Also, American today filed a request for a temporary restraining order prohibiting Sabre from continuing to bias its display of American flights. We are gratified that, after a contested hearing, the Court has granted American’s request for interim relief, to be in effect until the Court considers American’s request for longer term relief.
        The Court’s order prohibits Sabre from continuing its recently announced practice of intentionally making it difficult for American’s agents and customers from finding and purchasing American services in the Sabre global distribution system. American intends to vigorously pursue its litigation against Sabre, including seeking damages for other violations of our agreements.

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