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Airspace in Northern and Central Europe, still closed


According to the latest information by Eurocontrol, and because of the volcanic ashes coming from Iceland, airspace in Northern and Central Europe is still closed. It is expected that the airports of London, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich, Geneva and Wien will remain closed at least until tomorrow. Iberia has cancelled all its flights to or from these destinations, a total of 79.


The volcanic ash cloud is moving to the East of Europe and it is probable it will reach France tomorrow, according to experts. This will presumably lead to further flight cancellations tomorrow. These forecasts will change depending on the evolution of the volcanic cloud.




Once the airports reopen, it will take some time before they operate as usual, because of the thousands of flights that have been already cancelled and the need to get a flight for all the passengers affected by the cancellations

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