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Transaero Airlines Continues Fleet Expansion in 2010


In line with Transaero’s ongoing fleet development and modernization program, the airline has signed lease agreements for the acquisition of 14 new wide-body, long–haul aircraft, including five Boeing 777s and nine Boeing 747-400s.


The Boeing 777s jetliners will be used for operations on both international and domestic routes, primarily to destinations in the Far East. The new Boeing 747-400 aircraft will replace Transaero’s Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-300 aircraft and will be mainly operated on international routes.




The first of the 14 leased aircraft is scheduled to be added to Transaero’s fleet in May, with others coming later this year. The newly acquired Boeing 777s have only seen limited service with Singapore Airlines while the Boeing 747-400 aircraft were previously operated by JAL.




The lease agreements for the jetliners have been approved by the Transaero Airlines Board of Directors.

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