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Schiphol Announces Management Structure Adjustments within Executive Team


Schiphol Implements Management Structure Changes within Executive Team

Effective February 1, Schiphol is introducing modifications to its Executive Team’s management structure. This adjustment involves the realignment and consolidation of activities and responsibilities, marking a significant step in enhancing organizational coherence. A prior step was initiated last year with the establishment of the Executive Team.

Specifically, the Security and Safety & Environment departments will now report to Patricia Vitalis, the Executive Director of Schiphol Operations. Additionally, the Projects and Programme Development departments, previously under Strategy and Airport Planning, will be overseen by Sybren Hahn, the Executive Director of Schiphol Infrastructure.

This shift aims to enhance collaboration within the Executive Team and fortify managerial resilience. Notably, this change does not impact organizational units or the statutory final responsibility of the current DT formed by Ruud Sondag (CEO) and Robert Carsouw (CFO).

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