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Ryanair Criticizes DAA Failure to Clear Runway Quickly


Ryanair has today (23rd Dec) called on the Minister for Transport to investigate the DAA Monopoly’s repeated failure to keep the Dublin Airport runway open during the recent snow falls which have resulted in the cancelation of over 200 Ryanair flights to/from Dublin affecting over 30,000 Ryanair passengers.
        Ryanair called on Minister Dempsey to explain why occasional light showers of snow over Dublin Airport this morning caused the DAA to close the runway for almost four hours from 9:15 to 1pm on the busiest travel day of the pre-Christmas period. Ryanair believes that the DAA could and should be able to clear the main runway in less than one hour and not the four hours the DAA needed this morning.
        Ryanair advised passengers to check their flight on Ryanair still has some capacity on UK flights tomorrow which passengers can switch to should their flight today to/from Dublin Airport be cancelled.
        Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:
        “The mismanagement of the runway closures by the DAA airport monopoly this morning should be explained. The DAA’s failure to keep even one runway open or to clear light snow falls quickly has caused even more cancelled flights and thousands more distressed passengers today. Dublin Airport is once again in chaos with passengers suffering from the repeated failure of the DAA to keep Dublin’s runway open during light snow showers.
        We are calling on the Minister for Transport to explain the DAA’s lack of preparedness for winter weather and for a review of its investment in essential equipment and why, having wasted €1.2bn on T2, the DAA didn’t have adequate snow clearing equipment to clear its runway quickly during light snow showers this morning.”

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