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Record-breaking month for Christchurch Airport


Christchurch Airport has had the highest ever month of passengers in  the history of the airport. March 2010 broke several records for the  airport, with a total of 557,748 passenger movements, the highest ever  number of domestic passengers, and a record number of international  passengers for the month of March.


“These record numbers are great news for our tourism industry, and show  the strong appeal of Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island as a  destination,” said Christchurch Airport Chief Executive Jim Boult.  “These statistics can also be seen as an indication that the travel  industry is coming out of its worst recession.”    The March total of passenger movements is a 4% increase on the numbers  for the previous year. Domestic passenger numbers are up 3% on March  last year, and international passengers were up 6%. CIAL General Manager  Marketing and Business Development, Gareth Owen, says the tourism  marketing work done by the airport in conjunction with airlines and  regional tourism organisations is clearly reaping results. “A thriving  tourism industry brings benefits to a whole range of operators  throughout the region and builds the reputation of Christchurch Airport  as New Zealand’s tourism gateway. We work hard to grow aircraft  movements into this region and will continue the momentum throughout the  year.”  Boult believes the strong marketing approach of Christchurch Airport is  recognised by the industry nationally and internationally. In 2009,  Christchurch Airport won three International Routes Marketing Awards, as  well as being awarded NZ Airport of the Year for its marketing  strategy.

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