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Lufthansa and UFO union agree pay settlement for around 16,000 flight attendants


Successful arbitration under Heide Simonis / Agreement on 22-month pay freeze and significant improvements in working conditions
        Deutsche Lufthansa AG and the independent UFO flight attendants’ trade union have reached agreement at their protracted pay talks. Both sides today accepted a mediated settlement put forward by former Schleswig-Holstein Premier Heide Simonis, ending months of negotiations stretching back to March 2010. Under the terms of the arbitration settlement, the pay accord for some 16,000 Lufthansa flight attendants is to be extended and the collective wage agreement re-defined.
        At the talks on remuneration, the two sides agreed on a pay freeze. The existing pay settlement is to be re-concluded unchanged for a period of 22-months, lasting up to 31 December 2011. The new collective bargaining agreement is to last up to 28 February 2014. It envisages further improvements in working conditions: Among others, it reduces changes to duty rosters, giving cabin crews greater planning security, as well as defining and extending rest and break periods. Furthermore, in compensation for the staggered implementation of improved working conditions, cabin crews are to receive a structural, compensatory payment amounting to 1,000 euros in March.
        On conclusion of the pay accord, Member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board Finance & Human Resources, Dr. Roland Busch, said a fair compromise has been reached after long and difficult negotiations. It takes account of the need of flight attendants for planning stability and the special pressures they encounter in air traffic as well as the Company’s need for flexible and cost-efficient operations. “With this pay settlement, we are investing in significantly better working conditions for cabin crews. That was highly important to our staff, which is why we have made material concessions where their need for change was greatest. Now is the time to look ahead and face the challenges from competition in the industry together,“ Dr. Busch emphasised.

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