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Jet Fuel Shortage Issue To Affect Some Fiji Airways Flights


Fiji Airways guests travelling to and from Auckland may experience disruptions and delays to their flight due to restrictions on jet fuel supply at Auckland Airport. An enforced shortage on fuel supply to airlines operating out of Auckland means Fiji Airways may have to divert aircraft to other airports to pick up fuel, combine or even cancel flights.
Fiji Airways Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Ms. Shaenaz Voss said: “This is a challenging issue not just for Fiji Airways but all other airlines operating to/from Auckland. Restricted supply means we only receive a percentage of the fuel we usually carry. While we will work hard to minimise inconvenience to customers, in some cases we may have no choice but to combine or cancel services, or divert flights to other airports to refuel causing longer flight times. Fiji Airways will endeavour to contact affected passengers and advise them of their flight changes where possible. Guests travelling to/from Auckland over the next two weeks are also requested to check if their flight departure/arrival times are affected by visiting the Flight Status section of our website or by contacting our Reservations Centre. We apologise to all affected guests for any disruptions to their travel plans due to the fuel shortage at Auckland Airport, which is beyond our control.”

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