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ICN enriches incentive programs for airlines



Incheon International Airport (ICN), which has seen a year-on-year  increase of 15% in passenger volume in the first quarter of 2010, is  offering a new incentive program for airlines to lure new services to  the airport.

        Effective from March 28, the updated program sets different levels of  incentives including discounts on landing fees and office rental fees.  Any new airlines initiating its flight service to ICN will receive  one-year waiver of landing fees as well as 50% discount on official  rental fees for the first one year. The program also includes a waiver  of landing fees for the regular scheduled services to new destinations,  50% discount on landing fees to the increased frequency, and 25% to  scheduled flights at night.  Lasting for the next one year, the program is expected to benefit both  new and existing airlines by lowering costs, and thus encourages  airlines to bring more air services to ICN.   Incheon International Airport will continue to develop further incentive  programs, which will be beneficial to both airlines and ICN.  

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