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Perşembe, 13 Haziran 2024

Hong Kong Airlines is named an Official 4-Star Airline by Skytrax


Hong Kong Airlines announced that we have officially received a 4-Star Ranking of “Product and Service Quality” by Skytrax. As a full-service carrier, we are dedicated to provide high quality products and services to customers that lead to this recognition.
        The star rankings of Skytrax are rated according to the ground and inflight services of an airline’s Business class and Economy class, as well as the general aspects including the quality of lounge service, website, in-flight entertainment and more.
        Skytrax conducts research for commercial airlines every year. By advising the world airline and airport industries on qualitative issues, Skytrax delivers a unique knowledge-base across all areas of front-line product, service and consumer research affecting the air travel industry. Its official Airline Star Ranking programme applies an internationally recognized evaluation system to assess the "front-line" quality standards of an airline. Star Ratings reflects the reality of "delivered" product and service supplied to customers.

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