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Hamburg Airport CLOSED over ‘intruders’ with no flights allowed to land


There were unconfirmed reports of "unauthorised" people on the airfield.
A spokesman for the airport said it was closed since 7.20pm GMT as police looked for one or more intruders.
He said: “The reason is the possibility of an unauthorised person in the area.”

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German newspaper Bild reported two people awaiting deportation had fled from immigration officials across the runways.
One was arrested but the other escaped, it is claimed.
The airport reopened at around 8.45pm with huge delays expected. It was not immediately clear if the intruders ahd been found.
Flights were being diverted to Bremen and Hanover or being held, while outbound planes were left stuck on the tarmac.
One Irish passenger tweeted he had been stuck on a Flybe plane for around an hour, waiting for it to take-off.
He said: "I’m on a Flybe plane, on the tarmac at Hamburg Airport. 
“Pilot is calm and just said staff are searching for ‘trespassers’."
Other passengers reported free drinks being handed out on their flights as they anxiously waited.
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The airport is Germany fifth largest, with more 16 million passengers travelling through it each year.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are among the famous faces to use it.
They flew back to the UK from Hamburg Airport in July after their visit to Poland and Germany

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