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Copex Air Cargo is granted AEO status


Copex Air Cargo at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is pleased to announce that its air cargo activities in The Netherlands have been AEO-certified.
        AEO stands for Authorised Economic Operator and offers considerable advantages for the Customs processes Import, Export, Pre-arrival information, physical surveillance and all related automated systems. With the introduction of the AEO-status, Customs now only considers two goods flows: those from AEO-certified companies and those from companies who have no certification.
        Gerrit Kloezeman, Managing Director of Copex Air Cargo: “Our team of Customs experts have been able to determine by ways of self-assessment whether our companies complied with the criteria set by the European Commission and have sent their application to be appointed “Authorised Economic Operator”. Customs conducted internal reviews in our companies which resulted in being granted the AEO-certification.”

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