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Continental and TAM Airlines to Implement Codeshare Flights



Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) today announced codeshare cooperation with TAM Airlines (Bovespa: TAMM4 and NYSE: TAM) on routes within Brazil and between Brazil and the U.S. beginning July 1, 2010.


This cooperation builds on the reciprocal frequent flyer program agreement signed on April 6 between Continental Airlines and TAM and supports Continental’s growth in the Brazilian market. Both airlines are members of Star Alliance, the first truly global airline alliance to offer worldwide reach, recognition and seamless service to the international traveler.


"Codesharing between Continental and TAM Airlines improves the link we established between the two airlines before TAM joined Star Alliance," said John Slater, Continental’s staff vice president Latin America and the Caribbean. "We look forward to growing our relationship with TAM in the near future."


"We are expanding our international network through this new stage of our partnership with Continental. Through the agreement, we are able to offer more convenience and better services to our customers," stated TAM Airlines commercial and planning vice president, Paulo Castello Branco.


Codeshare Flights


International TAM flights


     Origin      Destination          Origin           Destination    Rio de     Janeiro    Miami                Manaus           Miami    Sao Paulo   Orlando              Sao Paulo        New York (JFK)    Sao Paulo   Miami                Rio de Janeiro   New York (JFK)


Domestic TAM Flights


     Origin          Destination            Origin          Destination    Rio de Janeiro  Belo Horizonte         Sao Paulo       Florianopolis    Sao Paulo       Belo Horizonte         Sao Paulo       Foz do Iguaçu    Rio de Janeiro  Recife                 Sao Paulo       Campo Grande    Sao Paulo       Curitiba               Rio de Janeiro  Salvador    Sao Paulo       Porto Alegre           Sao Paulo       Recife    Sao Paulo       Salvador               Sao Paulo       Brasilia    Rio de Janeiro  Vitoria


Continental Airlines flights


     Origin        Destination              Origin          Destination    Cleveland     Orlando                  Houston        Miami    Houston       Orlando                  Sao Paulo      Houston                                            Rio de    Cleveland     Miami                     Janeiro       Houston

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