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British Airways Selects Sabre Airline Solutions to Streamline Operations


British Airways has selected Sabre Airline Solutions’ Qik Developer Tool to help the airline improve customer service and increase productivity for its ramp and airport agents.


The Sabre Qik Solution, which is part of the SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service (CSS) solution, allows airlines to create flexible graphical user interfaces that improve both the user and customer experience. It works in concert with British Airways’ systems to provide airport employees in-depth information about their passengers, allowing for a personal customer service experience. This solution can be used to augment any reservations system, airport and ramp systems, not just the SabreSonic CSS reservation solution.




“Sabre’s Qik Solution met important needs as we move our current customer systems forward and is an integral part of our Service Orientated Architecture and multi-channel strategy,” said Mike Croucher, head of Software Engineering at British Airways. “What we like best about Sabre’s Qik Solution is that it’s a truly innovative tool that is completely configurable and simple to use – we can customize how agents work by delivering the information they need most at the right time to best serve our customers.”




Sabre Qik Solution is unique in providing airlines the ability to quickly develop workflow processes, which are complex and cumbersome. Sabre Qik Solution is used by airlines worldwide including Lufthansa, South African Airways, Air New Zealand, Southwest Airlines and Thai Airways to fully automate and streamline business operations and improve accuracy for reservations and airport agents.




“We excel at delivering this kind of technology, which allows airlines to easily customize our solution to their operation,” said Jim Barlow, senior vice president of Passenger Solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions. “Sabre Qik Solution is one of many solutions we have developed to help airlines increase productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues. We are pleased that we can drive significant incremental value above what the airline uses today. It’s such flexible technology that it will adapt to any reservations system to create a custom point of sale and service

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