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Brisbane Airport open and operating Wednesday 12 January 2011


Brisbane Airport is open and expected to be operating as normal all day and night today.
        Water has receded overnight and both Domestic and International Terminals are operating with flights expected to be landing and departing on schedule throughout the day.
        Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) will continue to monitor water levels on the hour every hour, and water pumps have been deployed across the airfield to be used if necessary.
        Although aircraft are still able to fly in and out of Brisbane Airport, passengers should contact their airlines direct for further information on changes to flight schedules.
        Public transport to and from Brisbane Airport will be effected throughout the day. Airtrain will run a service each hour for passengers, however the CoachTrans bus service to the CBD is cancelled for today.
        There is potential for some roads around the business precincts of the airport to be effected by flooding today. The roads that may be affected are: Sugarmill Rd, Myrtletown Rd, Lomandra Drive, and Eaglefarm Rd.
        BAC would like to notify Brisbane residents that the airport is not a designated evacuation centre. Last night 150 people arrived at the International Terminal after being informed it was an evacuation centre. BAC took the people in and sheltered them, however, the terminals are not equipped with the bedding, food or water supplies, needed to be an evacuation centre.

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