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Air Moldova begin 2011 wearing a new uniform


Employee’s outfit represent a symbol for the national carrier. The suits will be worn starting from December 30, with confidence that 2011 will be a good year for Air Moldova. The superstition says that the new red cloth worn by the New Year bring you good luck in the coming year, the new airline’s uniform combines both characteristics.
        The mission of board attendants is to provide passengers a pleasant and a safe flight. At the first sight, uniform talks about the status of the airline, that has to be recognized by the quality of service. Air Moldova team is characterized by timeliness, courtesy and professionalism. The new uniform confirms these qualities.
        This is the fifth collection of uniforms from the history of Air Moldova. Modern and stylish design of the new set of clothes was inspired by the classic model of aviation uniforms. Convenience, elegance and decency were priorities for the creative team. The cut has been adapted to new trends in fashion and the work specific. Manufacturers used natural-based materials. A blend of wool and spandex fit the design created. Company Artizana, over 10 years specializing in outdoor apparel sewing, made the winter coats and winter coats for the flight crew. The costumes were sewn in Chisinau by the workshop "Speranta Unic".
        The change of image was radical. The new outfit of Air Moldova employee is bound in red, which requires elegance, distinction and sobriety. Current trends in fashion have played an important role in the choice of basic colours. One of the top colours of this season is bright red, which is found extensively in the airline’s winter collection. The shade of uniforms emphasize the company’s leading spirit. Red clothes increase the self confidence of people who wear it, making them more powerful. This color has a stimulating effect and encourages action, which will enhance team responsiveness and the efficiency towards customers’ needs. Psychologists say that red stimulates people to make right decisions quickly, which is very important in aviation.
        Flight attendants and agents, both women and men who will wear new clothes during the navigational winter season. Red items have been graded and pilots attire. Stylish women uniform consists of 13 pieces and the uniform for men consits of 9 articles. The rigors of costumes for women are related to the skirt length, it has to cover the knee. As the work of board attendants involves a lot of movement, shoe heels they wear are no more than 5 cm.
        White cotton shirt perfectly matches with the red costumes. The company’s emblem, a wing which faithfully repeats the tricolor of our country, was embroidered on his shirt collar. The distinctive feature of the costume is the plaid imprint present on both jacket and vest. Although it is considered an accessory for men, for years, the tie finds its place in the collection for women. The red tie successfully completes all the outfits, offering Air Moldova team a serious and competent look.
        The best piece of the collection is red felt hat. It was ordered from the company "Praseocentr” from Moscow, specializing in sewing uniforms for flight crews. The same manufacturer made the caps and the coats for pilots.
        Indispensable accessories in the wardrobe of a stewardess are travel bags and purses. The red color gives them a special elegance. Black leather suitcases of pilots retain the classic look.
        The refreshed design of the uniforms confirms that Air Moldova appreciates its team.

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