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Jeppesen Optimizes Crew Pairing for Republic Airline


Boeing [NYSE: BA], through its subsidiary Jeppesen, announced today that Republic Airline has signed a three-year agreement for Jeppesen Crew Pairing for its fleet of Embraer 170s and 175s. This capability transforms data into insight, enabling the airline to optimize its monthly production planning and forecast pairings. Jeppesen Crew Pairing is part of the Boeing AnalytX portfolio of products.
“We look forward to the improvements in both cost savings and maximizing efficiency,” said Paul Kinstedt, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Republic Airline. “Having this premier pairing optimizer capability will help us enhance service to our own customers by being ready for quick changes and operational shifts.”
Jeppesen Crew Pairing helps control costs, while its flexibility and modeling capabilities allow airlines to adapt to changes caused by flight disruptions, aircraft maintenance and crew availability.
"Jeppesen Crew Pairing uses advanced optimization and data analytics to help the airline better manage their crew operations," said Peter Andersson, vice president, Jeppesen Crew Management. "The Jeppesen suite of products helps airlines strategically meet their operational goals, and this is the first step in providing optimization solutions for Republic Airline."

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