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Chinese airlines and the 777X: no immediate need for orders, as focus is on 777-300ER, 787 and A350


Every aviation growth forecast prominently features China, which sometime next decade will become the single largest aviation market. A few orders a year come from Chinese airlines, yet Boeing’s 777X has received little attention. There is special interest in the type, since it is likely to be the largest commercial aircraft in production once the manufacturing of A380s and 747-8s ceases.
Chinese state news China Daily noted (17-Nov-2017) Boeing’s prominence in Chinese aviation but the absence of 777X orders. Boeing MD marketing Northeast Asia Darren Hulst expects orders eventually from China’s state-owned airlines, telling China Daily: "They are expected to start ordering B777X in the next five years."
CAPA’s Fleet Database shows that Air China and China Eastern only recently took delivery of their last 777-300ER, while China Southern has more on order. The average age of the 777-300ER fleet at the big three state-owned airlines is under five years, and well below the average 777-300ER age at ANA, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines – airlines which have ordered the 777X to replace their 777-300ERs.

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