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Aerolíneas temporarily suspends the operation of its Boeing 737 MAX8


Aerolíneas Argentinas announces that as of the date it temporarily suspends the commercial operations of its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The decision is subject to the technical reports on the event carried out by such an aircraft of the company Ethiopian Airlines. And it was taken after the joint analysis carried out with the ANAC, the regulatory authority of the air sector in the country.
For Aerolíneas Argentinas, the most important value is security. That is the goal that guides all your homework. Since it began operating with the Boeing 737 MAX 8, in November 2017, the company made 7,550 flights with total safety and efficiency. Currently, of the 82 aircraft that make up the Aerolíneas Group fleet, five are model B737 MAX 8.
Aerolíneas follows closely the investigations that are being carried out to determine the causes of the unfortunate event with the Ethiopian Airlines plane. And he keeps in constant contact with the manufacturer of those aircraft, the Boeing company. It is also attentive to the analysis being carried out by the regulatory authority of the United States (Federal Aviation Administration), as certifier of the referred aircraft of US origin. Both Boeing and the FAA are issuing concrete recommendations that are extended to all airlines that are operating such aircraft model.
By virtue of the foregoing, and until such time as technical reports are received from these agencies and entities, Aerolineas Argentinas has ordered provisionally suspending the operation of said aircraft, in order to guarantee the high safety parameters that characterize the operation of the company.

For such purposes, those passengers with scheduled trips on 737 MAX 8 aircraft will be relocated in the different models of the rest of our company’s extensive fleet to continue providing a quality service to our customers. In the case of a flight that must be reprogrammed by this decision, the company will communicate directly with the affected passengers.

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